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TruckersNest.com is a unique hub for Ford F-Series owners, offering a blend of comprehensive educational content and a thriving community space. We are dedicated to presenting a holistic view of F-Series ownership in a clear, balanced, easy-to-understand, easy-to-search, actionable manner.

Our aim is to be a reliable, go-to resource for everyday truck owners.

Grounded in the owner’s manual and community insights, and offering resources in both English and Spanish alongside detailed maintenance guides and a highly searchable platform, TruckersNest caters to the specific needs of Ford F-Series owners in a way no other platform does.

Here we offer a curated list of reputable forums and websites catering to specific F-Series owner needs. Feel free to dive in, explore, and connect with the broader F-Series community!

  1. F-150 Forum

    • F-150 Forum is a community-driven platform where Ford F-150 enthusiasts discuss, share, and explore topics like aftermarket modifications, maintenance, off-roading, and towing. The forum features a search function; however, finding specific topics may require some browsing due to its varying effectiveness. It’s a rich resource for owner-generated insights and experiences.
  2. Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

    • The Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum is a dedicated space for enthusiasts and owners to discuss various topics related to their Powerstroke Diesel vehicles. It covers general diesel discussions, suspension & steering, wheels, tires, and brakes among other topics. The forum provides a useful search feature to navigate through the archives, yet locating specific discussions may still entail some browsing. It’s a valuable resource for owner-generated information and discussions.
  3. FordF150.net

    • FordF150.net is a Ford truck enthusiast resource site where members discuss various topics related to Ford trucks. It has a substantial user base with over 790,000 forum posts and 170,000 members. The site seems to be frequented mainly by newer Ford F-150 owners, but all Ford truck & SUV owners and enthusiasts are welcome. It boasts a significant number of modifications (mods) discussed or showcased on the site, indicating a strong community engagement around customizing Ford trucks. The search feature effectively aids in navigating website archives.
  4. BlueOvalTech.com

    • BlueOvalTech.com is a resourceful platform for Ford vehicle owners and enthusiasts, particularly those interested in the F-Series. It provides historical information on various models of the Ford F-Series, offering a deep dive into the evolution and features of these vehicles over the years. In addition to historical data, BlueOvalTech.com also provides technical “how-to” articles. These articles cover a variety of topics, including maintenance and modifications for F-150 and other Ford models which can be particularly useful for owners looking to understand their vehicles better or considering upgrades. The search feature is the same as its counterpart, FordF150.net, and effectively aids in navigating website archives.
  5. Blue Oval F-Series Super Duty Forum
    Blue Oval F-150 & Raptor Forum

    • Blue Oval Forums is a vibrant community of Ford enthusiasts, including F-Series owners. It’s a place where fans can engage in lively discussions, share their knowledge, and gain insights about Ford vehicles. The forum is particularly known for its owner-generated content, which allows for a wide range of perspectives and experiences to be shared. However, every platform has its unique strengths and areas for growth. For instance, Blue Oval Forums currently does not have a functional site search feature. This means that while there’s a wealth of information available, finding specific topics or threads might require some browsing.
  1. Ford Official Website

    • Ford.com is the official website of the Ford Motor Company and provides a wealth of information directly from the manufacturer. It offers detailed information about all new Ford vehicles, including specifications, features, pricing, and more. The site also provides vehicle health alerts, dealer scheduling capabilities, driver behavior insights, real-time location tracking, recall information, parts and accessories, and access to owner’s manuals. It also effectively connects owners to their closest dealership for more information.
    • Notably, Ford’s “price match guarantee” for tires comes with certain conditions. The offer is only valid if the tires are installed by a dealership. If you find a better deal from a competitor, you must present the current ad or offer within 30 days of purchasing them. The guarantee applies to new tires sold on retailer websites, but excludes tires sold by third-party sellers on marketplace sites and any resellers. This means that if you find the exact same tire on Amazon at a lower price, regardless of whether it’s sold by Amazon or a third-party seller, Ford will not match that price as part of their guarantee.
    • In essence, Ford.com serves as a one-stop-shop for all things related to Ford vehicles directly from the manufacturer. In contrast, TruckersNest.com provides a more structured and analytical approach to truck ownership from the perspective of a community of owners. Each complements the other, offering Ford F-Series owners a comprehensive set of resources to enhance their ownership experience.
  2. AmericanTrucks

    • AmericanTrucks.com is a robust platform for truck enthusiasts, including Ford F-Series owners. It offers a wide array of parts and accessories, making it a resource worth knowing for those looking to change up their truck or add specialty items. However, it’s important to note that many of the exact products, including tires and other items presented on the site, are also quite often available on Amazon – and at lower prices, with the added benefits of free shipping and a more flexible return policy. The American Trucks website also features insightful reviews and practical installation guides for aftermarket products, providing valuable support for owners contemplating modifications.
  3. Various Auto Parts Retailers (e.g., AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts)

    • These platforms serve as retail spaces for a wide range of auto parts. They cater to Ford F-Series owners by offering a variety of parts that can be used for maintenance or upgrades. Basic how-to guides are sometimes offered as well.
  4. YouTube Channels

    • YouTube channels are a valuable resource for vehicle maintenance, offering a wealth of educational content. While they may not always offer model-specific information, the visual guidance provided can be quite helpful. However, the lack of precise search functionality can sometimes make it challenging to find specific information. This can be particularly true for Spanish-language content.

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